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Children Reading the Holy Bible


Welcome to St Paul's Children's Message Channel!  If you have any questions, would like more information any thing found here, or would like to participate in the creation of any Children's message please contact Bob or Laura Foreman.  

Our Most recent Children's Message via YouTube (more can be found below and on our YouTube channel too!):

Pre-YouTube Youth Tube Fun

Peanut Butter Jelly Time - September 6th, 2020

Reminder that following the rules is simply not enough.

Parable of the Wedding Banquet - October 11th 2020

Everyone is welcome at God's banquet table. 

Saint Paul's Trivia Challenge

Are you prepared?

30 Seconds of Thankful

Thirty Seconds to List all You are thankful for and GO!

Patient Pet Parade

If we, as humans can be patient with our pets, imagine how patient and forgiving God is with us.

Making Brownies - Parable of the Vineyard - October 4th, 2020

God keeps sending for your salvation, including His only son.

Humble Balloons

Our egos are like balloons, if they get to big they can POP!

Gifts Are For Using

Don't hide those gifts away, put them to use!

Let's Get Ready - It's Advent!
Some of our Friends Prepare a song for us as we all learn what Advent means.

Youth Tube News - Kids Make a Difference

Do you have to be an adult to make a difference and help others?  Samuel teaches us age doesn't matter when God is calling and so do the youth at St. Paul's.

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