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Why do we participate in ASP? 

Shared Reasons with St. Luke Devon


ASP on Facebook


Why I Wept at Little Caesars

St Paul's at ASP Facebook PageCheck out some of the stories, photos, and other items that are on there.


Though this video is a bit old and some things such as standardizing materials and safety aspects have changed as well as some safety

standards, but the heart of why we serve has not.

Because This is Where They Live


This is a message from Maggie Deweese.  Maggie is a wonderful person that was on staff in McDowell County, WV in 2016 while we were there.  

Resting in the Messages of Paul

Appalacian Service Project

After a 4 year hiatus, St. Paul's will be going to ASP again the summer of 2024!  

The Appalachian Service Project is an inter-generational home repairs ministry.  Our congregation’s first servant trip in 1988 to Appalachia included eight youth and adults. Our current involvement includes two teams totaling 13 youth and adults.  July 2018 marked the 30th year of our congregation’s home repairs ministry through ASP.

This team participates in a week long home repairs ministry by making homes warmer, safer and dryer through the Appalachia Service Project

Our Mission & Communities Served:

Communities served by this ASP Mission Team – Red Hill through the Appalachia Service Project since the congregation’s first servant trip in 1988 include:

1988,West, Wise County, VA

1989, Knott City, KY

1990, Lloyd County, KY

1991, LaFallette, Campbell Co, TN

1992,Matewan, Mingo Co, WV

1993,St. Paul, Russell Co, VA

1994,Knott City & Chavies, KY

1995,Clintwood, Wise Co, VA

1996,Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY

1997,Panther, McDowell Co, WV

1998,Johnson City, TN

1999,Wheelwright, Lloyd Co, KY

2000,West, Wise Co, VA

2001,Cleveland, Russell Co, VA

2002,Matewan, Mingo Co, WV

2003,McDowell, Floyd Co, KY

2004,Lincoln Co, WV

2005,Carter County, TN

2006,Letcher County, KY

2007,Wyoming Co, WV

2008,Hancock County, TN

2009,Mullens, Wyoming Co, WV

2010,Buchanan County, VA

2011,Clay County, KY

2012,Newland, Avery Co, NC

2013,Hazard Co, KY

2014, Chapmanville, Logan County, WV

2016, Wyoming & McDowell Co’s, WV

2017, Elk Park, Avery Co, NC

2018, South Ashland, Boyd Co, KY

2019, Appalachia, Wise Co, VA

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