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Health Advocates

Mission Statement

Our Health Advocates Ministry at St. Paul’s is founded in the belief that God has given us many gifts, among them the precious blessings of mind, body, and spirit.  We respond to the Lord’s giving by being good stewards of these gifts. The Health Advocates, as an extension of the pastoral term, partner with parishioners in celebrating health and support others during times of illness.  Our health advocate ministry is a  link between the health care system and the congregation, supporting the journey to wholeness with mutual respect and dignity.

What is the function of the Health Advocates Ministry?

Offers presence and prayer during times of crisis and celebration.  Encourages individuals toward healthy living through exercise, good nutrition, and spiritual disciplines.  Assists the pastoral staff with home, hospital and nursing home visitation, as requested as an active member of the pastoral care team.  Acts as a liaison for various community resources and programs.  Offers support to individuals who are grieving.  Coordinates presentations such as stress management, advance directives, various health screenings  Our Health Advocates do not attempt to duplicate services already in existence in the community. They do not provide “Hands-on” care or administer medications.  They do not provide transportation though they may direct you to a source for such service.  Our Health Advocates are committed to the healing mission of the church.  They serve as health educators, assisting individuals to both gain new insights about the many causes of illness and foster responsibility for their own health.

“At the core of every major faith tradition stands an explicit commitment to be with the sick, the poor, the alienated, the marginal, the wounded, and the dying. The commitments are very old, but the implications are ever new.”

File of Life
Periodically you are encouraged to update your FILE OF LIFE information. If you need a File of Life emergency packet for your refrigerator, contact the Health Advocates.

Educational articles from the Health Advocates – click here.

Mosquito Nets for Kenya  | A project sponsored by the Health Advocates
with Lutheran World Relief Video

In Africa ten new cases of Malaria develop every second.  Across the world, it causes 350 to 500 million illnesses per year and kills more than a million people – mostly children under the age of five.   In Africa, a child dies from a malarial infection every 30 seconds!   A vaccine for malaria is not yet available, but there is something quite inexpensive that can prevent it.

A simple insecticide treated bed net like the one shown below creates a protective barrier from infected mosquito bites for up to 5 years for those who sleep under it.   The net also, ultimately, makes the whole community safer by killing mosquitoes that would go on to bite others.  Unfortunately, even the average cost of $5 to $10 per net is beyond the reach of most people threatened by malaria – who survive on an average of $1 or less per day.

The Health Advocates of St. Paul’s through Sunday morning bake sales, a bake sale hosted at the Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center and individuals contributions raised $1,020. 00 to purchased mosquito nets for Vicar Jack Ambuka’s village and neighboring villages in Kenya. Vicar Jack Ambuka served his internship residency at St. Paul”s from August 2009 to August 2010.

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