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St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – Red Hill
Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 47, Red Hill, PA 18076-0047
Physical Address: 1244 St. Paul’s Church Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073  (Upper Hanover Township)
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Pastor215-679-5553 | ext. 111  

Pastor Wayne Shelor

Wayne Shelor

Reverend Wayne Shelor began as Interim Pastor on Sunday, August 2nd.

Pastor Wayne will lead the congregation in a period of discernment and study in preparation for calling a new pastor.

Pastoral Care – If you are in need of pastoral care, during this period, please call the church office Monday through Friday between 8 and 2 PM at 215-679-5553 ext 110.. If you receive voice mail, please slowly leave your name, best phone number and the situation. The church office will return your call.

Pastoral Intern

Leah Woehr - Grande

Leah Woehr – Grande

215.679.5553 | ext. 112

Leah Woehr – Grande joined the church staff in September 2014 as a parish assistant for the 2014-15 academic year.  One June 8, 2015, Leah began her responsibilities as our pastoral intern.

Leah has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art and a minor in Religion from Luther College, Decorah, IA. She is currently working toward her Master’s in Divinity Degree at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and is a candidate for ordained ministry as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Leah brings extensive experience working with youth and adults in a congregational setting, which includes an independent study course at St. Paul’s – Red Hill in 1997 as part of her undergraduate work where she related art and theology.  Working with the children of our weekday program, she painted the Noah Ark mural in the lower classroom area of the educational building. During the independent study she assisted with worship leadership, home communions, and small group ministries.

We are blessed that Leah is serving St. Paul’s as our 18th pastoral intern for the 2015-16 academic year.

Judy Director b:w

Judy A. Sledgen

Director | Upper Perkiomen Child Care
215-679-0221 | ext. 122

Ms. Judy A. Sledgen joined the staff on June 9, 2014 as the director of the Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center. Judy has previous experience as a lead teacher and assistant to the director in a former child care center and was a family resource coordinator/counselor for the Department of Social Services in Maryland.  She has been employed with Lenape Valley Foundation since June 2000 where she served children and families with behavioral health diagnoses as well as children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities.  In 2007 she began work in the Early Intervention field as a Service Coordinator, serving children from birth to age 3 with developmental delays and was responsible for implementing, coordinating and monitoring a range of services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special instruction.  She oversaw the writing of evaluation reports for children as well as the individual family support plans developing goals for children using Pennsylvania’s statewide data base Pelican (Pennsylvania’s Enterprise Linking Children Across Networks). Judy is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University where she earned an Associate and Bachelor of Science in the College of Health and Human Development with a focus on Children, Youth and Family Studies.  Judy enjoys gardening, arts and crafts and spending time with her husband Michael and two children.

Teresa IMG_2201

Ms. Teresa Kulp-Weber

Assistant Director | Upper Perkiomen Child Care
215-679-0221 | ext. 114

Ms. Teresa Kulp-Weber, serves the Center as Assistant Director.  Teresa brings a broad working knowledge of the Center and provides leadership to the daily operations. Previous responsibilities at the Center included serving as the coordinator of the pre-school program and being a lead classroom teacher. She holds professional memberships with ELEA and PACCA, organize yearly fundraising events for local charities and maintain 12 plus hours yearly of professional development training related to early childhood education and school age programming, CPR and first aid certification. Teresa Kulp-Weber received a BS degree in Elementary Education in 1991 from Bloomsburg University and completed the Keystone STARS core series training for directors.

Sandy Young

School Age Coordinator | Upper Perkiomen Child Care
215-679-0221 | ext. 114

Ms. Sandy Young, UPCCC school age coordinator work closely with the Center’s administrative team to enhance the daily program of the Center. She was appointed school age program coordinator in 2006 and previously served as a lead classroom teacher at the Center. She holds professional memberships with ELEA and PACCA, organize yearly fundraising events for local charities and maintain 12 plus hours yearly of professional development training related to early childhood education and school age programming, CPR and first aid certification. Ms. Sandy Young received her School Age Program Director Credential in 2006 from the Montgomery County Early Learning Center – Southeastern PA School Age Division.

Nancy Nase

Financial Secretary
215.679.5553 | ext. 126

Mrs. Nancy Nase serves the congregation as its financial secretary and bookkeeper. Mrs. Nase joined the staff in November 2002. Previously, she held the position of firm administrator at a local accounting company. Mrs. Nase’s significant experience in the area of accounting and office management compliments her responsibilities at St. Paul’s.

215.679.5553 | ext. 110

Mrs. Margie Rodenberger and Mrs. Marcia Vanderslice provide musical leadership and program development within the congregation’s worship and music life and weekday child care music program. Mrs. Rodenberger provides worship leadership at the pipe organ and piano for our traditional worship services. She is also available to play the organ or piano for weddings, funerals and other special worship services. Mrs. Vanderslice directs the contemporary worship service and inter-generational hand bell choir. She also provides choral leadership within the congregation and its weekday child care program.

Karen Quinn

Church Office | Administrative Assistant
Church Office | 215.679.5553 | ext. 110

Mrs. Karen Quinn joined the staff in March 2010. Mrs. Karen Quinn brings extensive experience in working with volunteers and non-profit community based organizations. Her administrative gifts and professional experience support the daily ministries of the congregation.

215.679.5553 | ext. 127
Mr. Tom Zepp works closely with the volunteer members of our Property and Cemetery Committee to care for the church facility and cemetery which is located on a 45 acre campus. Mr. Zepp joined the staff on July 1, 2013.
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